Op. Dr. Sezgin ÖZTÜRK

dr sezgin ozturk-kbb

After completing his primary and secondary education in Bulgaria, he immigrated to Izmir in 1989 and completed his high school education there. In 1998, he graduated from Ege Faculty of Medicine University as a Medical Doctor. He gained his ENT expertise at Atatürk Training and Research Hospital. During this period he has been writing numerous scientific articles, and conducting a wide variety of scientific studies and independent research. Following his compulsory service (required by law from new doctors in Turkey) at Erzincan State Hospital between 2002-2005, Dr. Öztürk worked at Efes KBB the first ENT branch center in Izmir, for 7 years. Later, he worked at Ekol Hospital for 2 years and 1 year at Karatas Private Hospital. Ultimately, he opened his own clinic in Izmir where he still continues his private practice.

He has performed more than 25000 successful nose surgeries. In recent years, he has been utilizing the Piezo technology in his operation.

He has been attending courses and conventions organized by respected subject matter experts in the ENT field and is a member of TKBBV, TRV, TFPC, and EFPSC.

Dr. Sezgin Öztürk is an experienced doctor with thermal welding tonsil surgery and one of the first surgeons in Izmir who performed this operation. He performs sinusitis surgeries using an endoscopic shaver and vocal cord surgeries with laser technology. He has performed nearly 1000 eardrum surgeries and is experienced with scoop ear (Otoplasty). He has not experienced any malpractice or serious complications throughout his career.