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Ear Nose Throat and Rhinoplasty

Expert solutions about nose treatment and aesthetics with experienced team.


Experience is more important in medicine than it is in everything else. It is easier to make a decision in difficult or rarely encountered cases about what should be done and how with experience.


Meticulousness is indispensible in surgery. By this means, as well as minimizing every kind of negative conditions, we can also obtain the finest result.


Whatever happens, whatever it takes, our goal is to make you happy. For this, being able to look from different perspectives is sometimes more helpful for more accurate results.


Quality is a whole. It happens by making everything that should be done on the route that leads to a result thoroughly in the correct place and time as possible.

ENT and Nose Aesthetics Operations


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Health is more important than everything…



Frequently Asked Questions

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Our goal is besides changing your nose that makes you look bad (harsh, nervous, sad, unhappy, old, tired) in other words negative with minor procedures to make you gain a ‘’fresh’’ appearance, is to create a nose that breaths healthily.

In the closed technique all the incisions are made inside the nose. The surgeon completes the operation without seeing the cartilages in nasal tip, by working from inside. And in the open technique by making an incision of 3-4 mm on the nasal tip, the nasal tip is opened. This way, it becomes possible to shape the nasal tip cartilages by seeing. Both techniques have their relative advantages and disadvantages. Your physician will tell which technique is suitable for your nose.

I use both techniques according to the condition of the problem in the nose. If there is no big problem in the nasal tip and rather there is more problem in the bone framework, I prefer the closed technique. If there is problem in the nasal tip also, I prefer the open technique.


The ENT is the first defense of our bodies against external influences.

Nose aesthetics affects your life, not only the external appearance of your nose.