Personalized Rhinoplasty (Specialrhinoplasty)

Personalized Rhinoplasty (Specialrhinoplasty)

The problem and structure of each nose is different. First of all, skin, cartilage and bone structures vary from person to person, besides that, nose types differ according to age, sex and race also. Most importantly, exactly as the differentiation of our facial structures, our likings are different also. Therefore, rhinoplasty should be customized.

We apply the style we define as specialrhinoplasty. For clarification, first of all we look at the complaints which brought the person to us and disturbs her/him. In this understanding, listening to the patient carefully and patiently is very important. It is evaluated how realistic and applicable this complaint is and whether the patient will be happy with the result or not. Then the nasal structure is examined, the skin characteristic and present pathologies are set forth. At the next stage, these are analyzed and discussed together with the patient in computer environment with the patient’s photos. The technique that should be selected and the procedures that will be applied in the nose are decided.

Here, always the application that will not negatively affects the patient’s functions and will give the best visual result and even the least traumatic one should be chosen. At the surgery stage we benefit from various technologies to finish the operation in short time and to obtain the best result.

At the postoperative patient care stage, the necessary follow-up and care for the patient to have a comfortable process are made.

Finally, as we consider very important and we emphasize all the time, we stand by the patient at every stage with our psychological support. Thus, we make rhinoplasty ‘specialrhinoplasty’ to make every patient feel special and by creating the nose fit for him/her.