Nomor Nose Aesthetics

Nomor Nose Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty is made in two types being open and closed technique and in both techniques reducing procedure is applied on the nasal bone, often classic rasping or powered instrumentation are used. The bones are thinned by cutting from the sides and its new form is given to the nose.

In the formerly applied procedures the patient’s tissues were excessively traumatized, the duration of the operations were long and this resulted in increase of bruising.

Bruise can be defined as the change of color from red to damson purple that accompanies the swelling on the skin of the nose or surrounding the eyes. In the method that we apply, minimum trauma is applied on the skin and muscles of the nose by using very fine instruments and by working in the subperiosteal perichondrial plane. During the operation continuous compression and cooling procedure is done. To shorten the duration of the operation, blood-free area is provided by special anesthesia drugs. The pre-planned applications are put into practice. At the end of the operation, cannulated silicone that enables the blood that may accumulate inside the nose to be discharged is used and the special drugs that we use postoperatively reduce the bleeding.

Besides the operation technique, ice application applied correctly every half hour throughout 24 hours is also very important.

In Nomor technique, zero bruising cannot be guaranteed. However, this technique minimizes and most of the time prevents the bruises that may occur.